Monday, September 17, 2012


My new client Scott likes to build his own guitars.
Not comfortable with applying finishes, he felt he needed some help with this project.

What Scott wanted is a Classic Batman comic themed guitar he will call the "Bat-o-Caster". It finally cooled down enough to get started this weekend. It was so hot in SoCal the acrylic bass I was using was drying before I could apply the comic.

So here's what's going on. Originally we wanted to go with a classic Nitro finish. However, the lacquer was making the comic book material "basically newsprint" transparent, so you would see both sides of comic. We then experimented with copies. And the lacquer ate up the ink, literally. So we settled with an acrylic that has a nice classic tint to it, a hint of yellow.

This is basically a comic decoupage. Scott laid out the strips in a design that told the story that he wanted to tell and I'm basically matching his layout. Once the sides front and back are in place, I'll spray three or four coats of acrylic gloss embedding the strips in the guitar. Once it's polished up, I'll turn the body over to Scott and he'll do the final assembly. I'll post the progress.

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