Friday, July 16, 2010

Remove those Sperzels!

Joey came by and asked if I could remove his Sperzels and replace them with some original Klusons. My first reaction was Yikes! I had that wide eyed, dear in the headlights look. You Wanna What!!!!! Usually people ask to have the originals replaced with Sperzels, not the other way around. The reason for the Yikes... Sperzels have a larger bore diameter than most original manufactured tuners. In other words the hole was widened to fit the Sperzels.
Putting OEM parts back in will be a challenge.

First order of business is plug the holes... All of them. From the pics you can see the screw holes from earlier tuners were still there. Plus the pin holes from the Sperzels are almost on top of the original screw holes. I used Pine dowel to plug the tuner holes. I then let super glue soak into the wood to strengthen it.

I re-tapped the post hole and widened the post ferrule hole on the face.
Then made extra sure that all the plugs were flush.
I did a test fit to make sure all the plugs would be invisible when installed, and they were.
So I installed the Klusons.

Now this 60's vintage Gibson has the tuners it should have.
Note to collectors who modify original guitars.... Always keep your original parts.
It will make your investment worth more in the long run if you still have the OEM parts.


Steve said...

Dude, you can't even tell! You should expand on the sanding and refinishing part to show how you were able to match the headstock color and blend it in.

dave said...

Hi Steve,
To answer your question, there was no sanding or refinishing necessary. All the work was hidden under the profile of the new tuners.