Monday, July 19, 2010

CBG Arturo Jr.

Cigar box #2 Completed. I now have a Set of Arturo's.
Jr. was an experiment in "How Fast and Easily can I slap this together."
All the Parts but the box and electrics came from Home Depot.
Total Cost including electronics $15.
Here you can see I used eye bolts and wing nuts for tuners, a carriage bolt for a nut, galvanized nails for frets, the bridge is a lamp extension and the stings are chalk line. The neck is cut by hand using a standard everyday hand saw squared using a 90 degree angle as a fence. The electronics are a piezo and jack. Junior is 19" from nut to bridge making this effectively a 3/4 guitar scale.
It was a pleasant surprise to find out Junior sounds pretty good even with chalk line for strings.
Not as good as Senior, but a hand wound pickup does make a difference.

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