Monday, September 15, 2008

66 Jazzmaster

So I have a new client who has a very large collection of guitars. We'll call him Andy.
Some say he has over 50, he says it's around 40 something......but he's not really sure.
Just a pile of cases. My task is to clean them and make them ready to play with new strings and intonation. So I decided to show some of the more interesting ones.

This one is a 66 Fender Jazzmaster, all original. I pulled the pickguard off to blow the dust out and make sure the connections were all still solid. The wiring blew me away. I've seen jumbles of connections before, but this was confusing. I had to pull a wiring diagram to figure it out, and I'm still not sure why they did it.

If anybody knows why they (Fender) added the extra volume and switch controls on the top, please leave a comment.

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Angus91 said...

The main reason behind it, i think, is that when its engaged, it alows you to have a preset tone/vol for the neck pickup only. It was initially created for jazz players who "used the instrument properly".