Monday, September 15, 2008

'82 Fender Stratocaster Elite

Another Interesting Andy guitar.
This was a clean up, new strings and intonate guitar, with a side of why can't I get any sound from it? Turns out the negative battery post had broken off.

This was a cool example of tech. Obviously these are active pickups (Battery). What's cool about this is the coil located between the bridge and mid pickup. From what I can determine this is used as a transformer to boost the gain voltage. The selector switch's are individual but all can be on or off as needed. You can run all the pickups at once or just the ones you want.

I was jamming on it with the new strings when I realized I was playing the Bridge and Neck positions.....It sounded great.....How many strats do that....not many.
That gives me an idea for my next project guitar....

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