Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nutty 67' Esquire Telecaster

So there I was rehearsing with the Disney Consumer Products pickup band, and my friend Paul shows up and says "I busted my nut". After a "You Busted your What?" and a good laugh, he proceeded to tell me that while he was changing his strings the high E side of his nut just chipped off.....So he did the best he could to make it through rehearsal with a capo to hold the string in the nut. Then proceeded to hand the old girl over to me.

That weekend, I made quick work of shaping a new nut. However removing the old nut was more of a chore than I expected. Usually a nut just taps right out of the slot. This one just shattered, leaving chunks of bone in the slot to be chipped away at. On top of that, the previous nut was shimmed up with paper and glued in. It took forever to clean out the nut slot. But once I got her strung up she was singing like she used to.

I love the maple fret boards on older guitars, you can see the wear in the wood.
You can actually see the players favorite spots to hang out and solo.

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