Wednesday, May 6, 2015

LPJ Double Cut in progress

I've started a new guitar for my friend JD.
He wanted a Les Paul Junior Double Cut Away with two pickups.

I started by gluing up some Mahogany for the body. I cut the template about a 1/4 inch deep so I can see how everything lays out. I thickness sanded the body blank down to 1-7/8 inches thick and penciled in the layout of were everything needs to go, including where I want the pick guard to sit. When I was happy with the layout I made the final body cut on my bandsaw and finishing the edges on the spindle sander.

Next step was to get a neck rolling. I glued up 3 pieces of Mahogany with the grain pointing in different directions for a nice strong neck. I milled the top and face of the headstock flat and routed for the Truss Rod.

Next on my list will be to fret and bind the fingerboard, finish the neck, route the neck pocket and glue the neck to the body.

Stay tuned.

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