Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bridge Fabrication

 Well the Old Kay came back with a broken Bridge. If you look you can see where the wood came apart in front of the saddle slot.

Sometimes this happens with age. Just like my knees.

This is always a challenging fix because you need the replacement to be an Exact match otherwise you need to set up the guitar all over again. Not an easy task on a vintage guitar.
 I went to the local lumber yard looking for old Rosewood and found that they had none. 2 yards later and the only Rosewood I could find was 5 times the price it was six months ago. I decided to use some scrap Cherry that I had in my pile. It has a very similar density so it won't change the sound of the guitar. And I could stain it to match the Rosewood.

So I cut, milled and sanded the scrap piece to match the dimensions of the original bridge. I then created a jig to cut the saddle slot on the correct angle. I final sanded and stained to match the Cherry to the Rosewood.
To my delight, the grain looks really cool.

Lastly, I scuffed the bottom and cleaned the area of the body that will be receiving the new bridge.

The glue up was a success, and the guitar is now back in it's owners hands.

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