Sunday, August 3, 2014

Custom Cavity Template

I needed an electronics cavity for the Freestyle bass that I was working on, but all the existing cavity templates were too big or too small. The only option was a custom set of templates.

Using some scrap acrylic (all builders should have some scrap around the shop because there are so many uses for it) I measured and laid out a paper template that I transferred to the acrylic. I then slowly and carefully hand routed the acrylic until I had the template that you see in the first pic.

Using the templates, I was able to quickly create the cavity and cover that I needed.

Now I have a template for future electronic cavities.


Steve said...

This looks great! We can use the same route for electric guitars we build without a pickguard.

Brother JD said...

Awesome to see this custom bass bein' hand crafted - Inspirin' - Beautiful piece of work!!!