Monday, September 24, 2012

Anniversary Gift Update

I was able to thickness sand the bottom of my project down to .375" that's 3/8".
I then cut to size and gave it a light sanding.  The bottom is now 20"x30".
Next step will be to mill and rough cut the sides.

The Wife already figured out what the project is so I might as well let you guys know...
It's going to be a very large serving tray. I'm building this to sit on our over sized stuffed ottoman. Reason for the build... I haven't found one big enough to hold 5 to 6 peoples worth of wine glasses, bottles, individual snack plates and cheese/snack server. Or I really wanted a coffee table but I settled to keep my wife happy, and this is my way of getting the coffee table I wanted.... ha!

More to Come!

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