Monday, June 11, 2012

Something a little different

I know this is a Guitar site but sometimes as a luthier you need to challenge yourself.
I have here an old 1960's bolt action 30.06 rifle one of my clients asked if I could repair.
You can see by the crack in the stock, this could be a bit dangerous to shoot.

I located a fiberglass stock that just barely fit the older action. It needed a bit of finessing to make it fit. I then removed the original iron sights to make room for a low profile 50mm glass.
Once the action was bedded properly I assembled it. The action fit nice and snug to the new stock and the difference in weight was certainly noticeable.

The now extremely pleased client then brought me his 80's Ibanez for a setup.

This was a fun change of pace but my neighbors were giving me funny looks as they passed by the shop.

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