Monday, May 21, 2012

Mikes Jaguar

This one took awhile.
Mike is an artist that I work with. His "thing" ( ) is to buy guitars online, I tear them down, he paints them with this tribal stippling technique and I re-assemble for him.

This particular guitar was on the verge of being finished when he decided he didn't like what it looked like. So he asked me to strip it and paint it with this sea foam blue and Just attach the painted pick guard and be done with it.

I don't have any before pics but lets just say there were layers of varnish and acrylic on top of the original lacquer. For some reason the paint strippers I was using (and I tried 5 different companies) would NOT eat the varnish. I finally had to run this thing through my drum sander and spindle sand the edges to remove the crap.

So here we are a few months later after a couple coats of primer and a few coats of paint (it took about 60 days for the nitro to cure, I found some old school stuff). Now that she's all polished up I wired her, and began the assembly process. I'll have her finished and playing by next weekend.

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Steve said...

Ooh! I would love to test drive this one before you give it back. It looks great.