Monday, March 19, 2012

Newest Tool

The Latest tool in my bag of tricks is a "mount" for when I spray bodies
The handle on the end makes it possible to rotate the body 360 degrees so I no longer have to dodge and weave to get to those hard to reach spots. The "T" Joint next to the handle also rotates 360 degrees giving me more flexibility. There is a set screw on the mount itself so I can remove and replace another quickly and hang to dry in a nice quiet spot. (I got this Idea from Stew Mac Thanks Guys) The rotating part is 1/2" copper tube placed inside 3/4" copper tube buffered with 1/2" PVC. Zoom in and take a look, I'm really proud of this device.
In this pic you can see the base. It's actually a 10x10 Piece of Ibeam that I took from a construction site (Not Stolen, the foreman let me have it), it weighs in at 50lbs. I welded a piece of 11/16" steel rod to the center as a post, I then slipped the 3/4" copper tubing over it creating the upright for the stand.Here's my first finished body just needs the final buff and it's assembly time.
No making fun of the spray booth folks, Yes, it's upholstery material that I got Dirt cheep...