Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Tool

Recently I ran into a repair issue with a long reaching problem.
A medium sized acoustic with a deep dent that was just out of reach. The sound hole was just too small. I couldn't get my arm in far enough to reach the dent or get close enough to place a jack. After staring at the guitar completely perplexed for about 30 minutes I had this flashback to high school geometry. Maybe it was the lack of water or food (skipped lunch again) that caused the hallucination, but I came up with this Cam Jack Idea. It added 8 inches to my reach and all I had to do was get my hand and a couple of inches of my forearm in the sound hole. Once inside, line it up and gently twist until the dent flattens out. Then the repair process can begin.
Feel free to share this.

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