Monday, January 17, 2011

Rain Damage

So I had a tumor removed from my insides, and I've been out of the workshop for some time now. During my recovery SoCal experienced the most intense rain storms in 10 years. Unfortunately the roof on my garage/workshop leaked like crazy. as you can see from the images above rust ran rampant amongst even the smallest of tools. If you look at the bench in the background you'll see a nice puddle of water. That's where my drill press, band saw and scroll saw sat... let's just say all the steal parts have a red coating. If you look closely at my workbench on the right side you'll see a dip in the middle. The water had puddle up and soaked through the carpet to the bench top below, then on to the shelf below that and then on down to the lower shelf below that... All Needs to be replaced.

So All of last weekend was spent drying out tools and pulling moldy carpeted bench tops out of the garage. The stench of mold and rust was overwhelming. I had to turn on a bunch of fans and wear my respirator to breathe. I even pumped some bleach through my HVLP and sprayed every inch of the ceiling, walls and shelving. After clearing out the nasty I ran to HD and picked up some new plywood and carpet, about $60 bucks worth. Had to rebuild 2 workbenches and carpet them for guitar work. By the end of the day on Sunday I was just about ready to go back to work.

This weekend I had to find a new place to hang my bodies and necks and then start to get caught up on the backlog.

I'm Back... More to Come!

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Steve said...

Welcome back! It's kind of ironic that the 2nd Chance Guitar shop needed a 2nd chance rebuild. I admire your drive to excel.