Wednesday, July 29, 2009

68' Vette Ready for Polishing

Steve (Client) came by the other day to take a look at the color. He likey. So the finish is finished minus the Buff and Polish. We've got a base stain, 12 coats of clear, 6 coats of transparent tint and 12 coats of clear top coat. In the photo you can see the new pickguard minus the hole for the neck pickup. We decided to configure the wiring like a Les Paul. It's just a bit more comfortable than a line of knobs. So depending on my schedule this Vette should be on the road within a week or so. More pics to come of the wiring and polishing process.
Can't wait to hear that engine rev.

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Steve said...

This beautiful guitar is on its way to becoming a family heirloom! This is definitely the coolest, funnest, funkiest, baddest, dopest, prettiest and most rocking Gretsch Corvette I've ever seen.