Monday, June 29, 2009

68' Vette Mo Color

More Wet Sanding FUN. I've got Popeye arms from all the sanding.
So the first round of color was applied directly to the wood as a stain. This seeps into the grain. It's then lightly sanded back to intensify the grain effect. I then sprayed 12 good coats of clear coat to add some depth. Here I'm adding tint to the clear coat. I do this directly in the gun, it's not rocket science. I'll add and mix till I get the right flavor of grape juice and away I go. I then sprayed a good 6 coats of tint. I'll wet sand and apply 6 more coats of tint before the final 12 coats of clear. It's too bad Deep Purple isn't touring anymore, I think they'd like this. I'll bet Steve's (the owner) jumpin' out of his skin, just dying to see this.


Steve DeBoard said...

I'm jumping out of my skin, dying to see this!

It looks so cool!!!

Ry's Photo Blog said...

Always impressive Dave. Sounds like Steve appreciates your talent and hard work.