Monday, May 18, 2009

68' Vette Wax On Wax Off

So Steve decided to go forward with staining the wood before finishing. I was excited at first and maybe a little hesitant, the wood was a dark cherry color to begin with, and I wasn't sure how a tint would affect the look of the wood. I was even more freaked out when I applied the stain that Steve brought to me. It was a tint based Minwax that he had custom mixed.....scared the hell out of me when it began drying like you see here in the pics. Bright Purple and chalky was not what he or I was expecting. However...I noticed that If I apply and remove and apply and remove the tint wipes away leaving a gentle purple tint behind...This will work...Kinda like Wax On Wax Off Danielsan... A few more applications and we'll have the dark purple that Steve was hoping for and we'll begin to apply the sealer. The sealer will knock the tint down to the wet look and give us a view of the final color before applying the gloss.

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