Tuesday, March 10, 2009

68' Vette Neck Cleanup

My first step on this project is to remove the frets and prep the fretboard to receive new ones.
Removing frets is always fun (NOT). To aid in the removal process I use a soldering gun with a flat tip to heat up the frets and loosen the glue that is holding them in. Not all guitar makers glue in their frets, usually the frets are hammered in, and they stay just fine...In this case there was glue. After the frets are removed I will lightly sand down the fingerboard using 800 to 1500 grit sandpaper in an attempt to level and smooth it out. I normally don't take off that much wood, just finish, and in this case I needed to get rid of the slathering of varnish. Once done I'll polish up the fingerboard and feed it with lemon oil. I'll let this sit for a couple of days until the lemon oil has been completely absorbed by the rosewood. Then I'll clean out the fret slots and start puttin' the new ones in.

Stay Tuned Campers.

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Steve said...

That's a cool trick, using a soldering gun to loosen the frets! I'm already learning stuff and this is only the first post. The neck already looks 100 times better.