Monday, March 9, 2009

68' Vette in need of assistance

New Friend and Client Steve brought me this, It's a 1968 Gretsch Corvette. It was a thank you gift from a friend,
who said it was sitting in his garage for a few years. So it sat in Steve's for a few months.
Looking closely at it, the refinish job was destructive. They had sanded it down to the bare wood creating nicks and dents
and then slathered on some form of varnish to seal the wood. Someone also cut a battery hole in the back and rewired the electronics. The Worst of it all....the serial numbers were sanded off the back of the headstock during the refinishing process. (This pisses me off more than the slathering of varnish) Thus giving us no vintage value for the instrument.....

So Steve asks me Can We Save Her? Of course we can!
So I ask do you want as close to Vintage as possible or do you want a Player.......
His answer made me smile......What do you think he said...."I want a Player".

So Tune In... I'll be posting updates as we go...

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