Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Quinn Special In Concert

For Three years now the Creative Department of Disney Consumer Products has put on  a charity event for the locals (employees, friends and family) that consists of comedy sketches, solo numbers, and occasionally a full band. It's called Applause for a Cause. So this year there was a surprise last act.

The Band:  
Andy Mooney, 
Chairman of Disney Consumer Products, lead vocals and guitar, 
Anthony Ringor, 
Motion Graphics Artist, guitar and backing vocals, 
Joe Arena, 
Director of Communications, bass and backing vocals, 
John Quinn, 
Vice President of Global Creative Character Art, guitar and backing vocals
Vince Musacchia, 
Senior Character Artist, Drums and backing vocals.

5 extremely talented individuals
Together they thrilled the audience and had a good time of it.

You might be saying, Why is dave talking about some pickup band in some charity show.
Well if you look on the left side of the photo's you'll see the John Quinn Special in use....
It just made me happy to see it on stage for the first time.
I always get a kick out of seeing my work getting used the way it was meant to.

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