Friday, October 10, 2008

40th Anniversary Rock Solid

In 1994 Fender released a series of 40th Anniversary Reissues of the Stratocaster.
They ranged from the most basic, stripped down versions to really set up.
This is a good example of the really set up. It's main features were the Fender Lace Sensor passive single coils, Sperzal tuners, Wilkinson Roller Nut, and the 2 post fulcrum tremelo.

Andy brought this one in for a set up and cleaning.

It was really interesting comparing the 1994 reissue with the 1955 vintage.
Yes the Tech has changed over the years but the basic principles of solid guitar building are still there.

The 40th reissue was rock solid, sounded good and felt good in your hands. But.
This might sound a bit odd, I still prefer the 55's sound and the way it felt in my hands.
Still Hat's Off to Fender.

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Ry's Photo Blog said...

Nothing beats the original, eh? Wow, you really know your stuff. I'm sure Andy appreciated your hard work and talent with this one.