Monday, February 22, 2016

Re-Binding an Old Neck

We are looking at a Guild Aristocrat that the binding has completely shrunk and fallen apart on the entire instrument. 

After re-binding the body using the binding that I created  a few weeks ago (I will show you guys that when I compile all the photos) I began the neck work.

In Pic#1 you can see I am at the point where I have already drilled the holes and placed the black dots. A drop of Acetone binds the plastics together creating essentially one piece of plastic. After it cures for 24 hours I cut the excess black dot material and used a razor blade to flatten and even out the binding to one thickness from top to bottom.

Once the bottom and top pieces are sized and ready to go, I prepped the neck itself making sure the frets are flush to the fingerboard and scraped the bottom side of the binding so there is a nice tight fit binding to fingerboard.

After test fitting and making sure the bottom of the binding sits nicely, I prepped for glue.
Using "Bind All," purchased from Stewart Macdonald, I applied the adhesive to one side of the neck and installed the binding for that side.

In Pic#3 I wrapped the binding to the neck using a giant rubber band (literally) and clamped the areas not accessible by the band. I then let it cure for 24 hours

In Pic#4 the first side has already cured in place. The second side is now glued in place and clamped from top to bottom.

After 24 hours I will glue the bottom and final piece in place.

After the final piece cures I will level the frets and binding at the same time and trim the edges that are not touching the frets.

More to come!

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Steve said...

This is very impressive!