Monday, October 7, 2013

In the Shop

I've been away a bit, No Excuses, just busy.

What's going on?

From the shots above you can see the latest on the Maleficent guitar.
I've got a few more hours of carving then I should be ready for finish.
You can see the stain I'm testing for the base color. The Dragon is Purple and Black in the original Movie "Sleeping Beauty" so that is what I'm going for. I'm also working on some inlays for the neck as well as a tossing around ideas for fret thickness.

Next up is the Telecaster that I am calling "The Shadow"
It's a classic Maple neck, aged to look like it's been well played since 52'. I'll try to get some Up Close shots to post when it's completed. The body is a standard Tele cut, finished in Black Nitro with a matte oil rubbed finish. All the hardware is black, and I've just ordered a cover for the neck pickup in black. I've got her wired up with a four position switch so the very first position is the two pickups out of faze, then the other three positions are normal Tele positions.
I'm hoping she sounds as good as she looks. I already have four customers interested.
If she sounds good I'll have to build 3 more. Fingers Crossed.

More to Come!

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