Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Old Tuner Repair

In the upper photo you can see these Vintage Martin/Kluson tuners that the plastic buttons just rotted off. Unfortunately this happens a lot. To make matters worse, these tuners were only made to these specifications for 3 years back in the 1950's. This means there are no replacement tuners available with post and screw holes that will line up correctly. This also means if I chose some vintage looking tuners, I'll have to drill new screw holes... Ich!.
The answer here was replacement tuner buttons.
I used a wrench to hold the tuner steady (using a plastic shield to protect the post from the wrench). Then, I heated up the old tuner shank using a soldering gun (the same one I use to heat up frets for removal). During the heating process, I'll gently push the new button onto the shank until I reach the point where the old button stopped.
Once the shank has cooled down, I add a drop of super glue to fill the hole left over by the shank as it enters the button. It's not needed for strength, but it gives a nice completed look.
This old girl is now all tuned up and sounding amazing, as she should.

The lower photo is the completed Uke neck from a previous post, ready for a cigar box.
I can't believe how pretty it turned out... all from scraps.
I'm going to have to dive into my scrap box again and look around for more.
I've got a ton of Cigar Box's.

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Third Dimension Jewellery said...

I'm nearing the endstage of completing my first CBG so can appreciate your posts. Could only find a hardboard paper-covered box so hope that will sound okay! Love your Freestyle git's as well.