Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cutting F Holes

It's Christmas...
I got bored while waiting for the cookies and pies to bake, so I headed down to the workshop and cut this F-hole in a cigar box that I'll be attaching that Uke neck too.

F-holes are a nice change of pace, Usually. Normally the wood your cutting through is no more than an 1/8th of an inch thick at the most... this was a good 1/4 inch thick top.

As you can see by the top pic I drilled 3 holes and reamed out the holes to size.
I then used a Push Saw, like a jig saw with a wooden handle that you push and pull to cut, to cut the arms. After the cutting I used micro files to smooth out the cut lines and a sharpie to darken the wood inside the F-hole.

I chose to cut an F-hole in the body as a sound hole instead of just drilling holes. I think it give the old cigar box a bit more character and class.

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Ben said...

what is a push saw - i can't find one on the net