Monday, April 2, 2012

Finished Strat

Here we have an 80's Strat that the owner was tired of the color but loved the sound.
He was interested to see if there was any worthwhile wood grain under the Blue.
I stripped it down and we were both disappointed to see a really boring grain. But that's why there was a solid color on it in the first place. So the decision was made to go all black, like that cool "Strat" headstock. I found a black that matched. Hit it with some primer. Then a couple of coats a weekend for several months. I used a Nitro Lacquer Black with a classic Nitro Gloss to finish it off. Nitro is an interesting beast, if you build with it for that deep gloss look, you have to wait for it to gas out before you apply more coats. Hence the wait between coats.
I think the Black on Black really works. I might just build one for myself.

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