Monday, November 14, 2011

Body Contouring

When building custom bodies from scratch you don't normally have a template. In this case I have a prototype that I'm working from, but I don't have a duplicating routing machine for cutting the body contours. So it's all by hand and by feel.

I'll start by drawing my limit lines (a visual safety net) in pencil. Both my depth of cut and max cut into the body itself. Using a Rasp file, I'll work the deepest section first, working my way back to the thinnest cuts. Next I'll use a Bastard file to smooth out he heavy cut marks left by the Rasp file. And finally 120 grit sandpaper to get the final smooth surface.

From the images above you can see I needed to contour the forearm and belly cut on these bodies. Total time for each body was about 30 minutes. The file I use is double sided, Heavy Rasp (depth of cut is 1/16") on the front and Bastard on the back, see pics. Leather Gloves are a must when working with Rasp files... Start with Ten end with Ten that's my motto.

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Steve said...

Do you have any idea how awesome this is!