Friday, July 22, 2011


I'm experimenting with a new primer... well its new to me. It's workable, which means you can build it up and sand or scrape it down. This is good when you have grain warp that won't go away. So far it's working great, just a bit difficult to use. I'm used to a one part primer that just needs to be thinned a bit before spraying. This stuff is two part, which means I need to add a hardener and then thin it out for spraying. So the mix is in ratio's not exact numbers. So far so good.

The Only complaint I have thus far is it STINKS... I had to buy a new respirator so I could breathe (The old one was 20 years old). And it lingers as it gasses out, so fans are a must.

Let's see how long I'm willing to deal with this.

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