Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CBG Progress and a Completion

So tonight is the last CBG class for this semester at Disney. I'll get to see how some of my students have progressed. This has been a difficult class to teach. Mostly because we don't have access to a shop. All the students do their work at home, there really is no way to give personal instruction except at the next class. Basically I just demonstrate, lecture and answer questions... I think the students need more of a hands on experience in class for this to be successful. Like shop class back in school.... I'm pushing the powers that be to set aside some space for just such a shop. Maybe by next semester I'll be teaching First Aid too.

Here is what I've accomplished since the beginning of class.

Above is the completed Peterson. 6 strings with a Jackson humbucker under the lid.
This was a fun build. I've never tried to fit an electric guitar neck to a box before.
I'll try this again with a full size neck, a larger box and an array of pickups.

The Vegas is almost done. The neck is fretted, finished and glued up. I cut my sound hole and installed my tuners. Still haven't been inspired with a Tailpiece yet... Fingers are crossed that I'll find something while I'm walking the dogs. I'm also thinking of winding another custom pickup for this one... like a mini P90...

Keep watching for the progress on the Vegas CBG.


Steve said...

Dude, these look really cool. Can you make a box standup bass with a pickup in it. Better yet, could we make a standup bass?

Steve said...

I also like the "Peterson" font. It looks great on the face of the ciguitar. I wonder what it is?

Ry's Photo Blog said...

Wow! Gorgeous work, Dave! Love the finished product.