Friday, April 22, 2011

CBG Thank You

As I mentioned in previous posts, I'm teaching a Cigar Box Guitar class at Disney. A Friend of mine and his Father smoke quite few cigars, so they have been graciously donating their empty boxes to my cause. As a thank you, I've begun a project as a Birthday gift for my friends Father.

I have an extra half scale neck from a kids project I completed years ago, and an old Jackson humbucker also left over... It's amazing how much Crap gets left over. I have some scrap Oak that was laying around, so I cut it up as a neck mount. I didn't want to destroy the cool logo on the front of the box so I centered it between the end of the neck and the bridge and decided to mount the pickup under the wood. The magnetic field from the humbucking coils should be sufficient to pickup the sting vibrations through a thin amount of plywood. I assembled the neck mount and glued it in.

I'm going to use some scrap aluminum for the tailpiece and a hunk of Wengie for the bridge.
I'm just waiting for the Son to bring me a logo for the headstock and I'll finish this project really quickly.

It's really interesting how you can make these CBG's so quickly and they sound so cool.
It really doesn't take that much effort either. Just look around your house and find some objects that you don't use anymore and slap something together. People are fascinated by these things.
I recommend you all try to build one, just for the fun of it!

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