Tuesday, February 22, 2011


As you can see here Ward's guitar is coming along slowly. after building up the finish around where the old frets used to be, I finally got to the point of installing the new frets.
I start by wicking in just a bit super glue to fill the gap between the bottom of the fret tang and the wood, I then individually press the frets in place using the arbor seen above left. I then clamp a block of wood with the same radius as the neck to hold the frets in place until the glue sets up.
Just in case you are wondering "why are you using glue?" The idea is to not have any airspace in the fret slot between the bottom of the fret and the wood. Good solid contact means no unwanted vibrations, and negates the chance of loosening frets down the road due to flexing of the wood. After the glue sets up I'll begin nipping the unwanted ends of the frets and then comes the level and crown. FUN!

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