Monday, October 26, 2009


This Classical Guitar was brought to me with a few really nasty cracks that ran from the edge of the bottom rear, under the bridge and into the pickguard. Some of these I was unable to reach due to my short arm length (or it could just be that it's a really tight fit in the soundhole).. I needed to put "cleats" under the cracks to keep them from getting any larger. So I turned to the internet for ideas. While surfing I found this idea: take an old tuner and attach a block of wood cut to shape a "U". Using a used .09 guitar string I attached the cleat at one end, coated it with glue, I pulled the string through the crack and tightened the tuner. This acted as a clamp on the Cleat holding it tight against the body until the glue dried. Once the glue dried I just loosed the tuner cut the sting off and pulled the excess string from the inside out. The next step is to seal the crack from the outside and try to hide it as much as possible. I liked this idea so much that I made a bunch of them..... ok maybe I did'nt need that many, you can only glue so many at a time.

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Steve said...

What? I'll have to see this one in person. It seems like your basically stitching up the crack but I don't completely understand what you're doing. This is incredible.