Monday, August 3, 2009

68' Vette New Pickguard

Creating a Pickguard from scratch sounds like an easy process right?.....right.
First thing I did was create a plywood template from the original pickguard. From this template I cut the new pickguard from blank 3 ply stock. I then beveled the edges and cut the hole for the pickup. This was interesting because no one sells templates for the Gretsch HiLotron I had to cut the hole by hand... Yes, I screwed up a couple of blanks before I got it right. Next was Pot placement. I made a rubbing of the cavity so I knew how much room I had for the pots. As soon as I had the layout and spacing I found the centerpoints and drilled. Almost done!


Steve DeBoard said...

"Almost done!"

Those words are music to my ears. It seems it would be hard to cut plastic pickguards clean without cracking. It looks great.

Anonymous said...

I need a pickguard for a "62 Corvette with the truuss rod nut at the body. Please email me at if you can help me