Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Carving up an Old Jackson

This is the backside of the old Dinky body that I recovered from the scrap heap. Here you can see the Cherry strip that I used to cover up the old tremelo cavity. You can also see the angle I carved out under the neck pocket. In The Day(I'm aging myself again), you'd be sliding up the neck only to hit the square back of the neck pocket with your palm. Jackson style necks are notoriously fast, so anything to aid in making a smooth transition past the 14th fret will be appreciated by most players. Back in the early 90's Jackson started thinning out the neck pocket in an attempt to do just this. And they still do to this day. I still have some more shaping and routing to do on this body before I hit the finish stages. I Can't wait to throw a neck on this one.

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