Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BB King 03 Lucille

This was an interesting guitar recently brought to me by my new client Bill. He was having trouble with the 6 way affects switch, it would just spin around and no effects. This was an easy fix. The switch came loose and the excessive travel caused the ground to come apart. I tightened up the switch and resoldered the ground, new strings, lowered the action and intonation. She sounds and feels like an ES series should, amazing. I really like the effects switch. some really cool sounds are available.
I also noticed some interesting screw ups from the factory (not a rare thing). I noticed the truss rod nut was shaved off. This must have occured during the neck construction. The factory will manufacture the neck and add on the faceplate with logos later depending on the usage. In this case the nut was a little close to the router...oops. They then painted over it. It took a little coaxing to get it to turn so I could adjust the neck..But once it moved, it was all good. The other thing I noticed was a bump in the neck...o so slight but noticeable. You can see it in the pic above, it's were the reflected light changes direction slightly mid neck. You can bareley feel it with your fingers sliding up and down the neck. Just a quirk, completely unnoticable wile playing.
Overall a Great Guitar. I'd buy one in a second.

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