Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fender Dipped

I recently had to clean up one of those Fender 90's necks that had been sprayed beyond need.
You know "the Dipped look". It's when they put the frets on and then finish the neck.
I still don't get that. You play it and the finish on the frets starts to flake off leaving gaps in the finish on the fret board. When the flaking starts to make it's way past the frets and onto the sides of the neck it gets downright uncomfortable to play. Sliding your hand up the neck becomes a challenge as your hand gets caught up in the flaking finish. I figured out a way to repair this problem, but what a pain in the a#s this is.

If anyone knows Why? they did this, please leave a comment......It makes me nuts.

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Ry's Photo Blog said...

I hate the flaking...
Do we have any before and after shots?