Wednesday, October 1, 2008

FrankenStrat.....My Creation

OK so this is My Baby.
The Body is an old Kramer Strat that had been on tour in so many configurations I don't even remember what it was to begin with. The Bridge has been replaced so many times that I had to drop in a piece of 3/4" plywood to stabilize it for the Floyd you see here. The floyd is an original from 1987-88 and has some overspray from the last idiot that owned it and painted his guitar with the Floyd still on it.

The Pickups are '78 Classic Strat single coils and a Pearly Gates Seymour Duncan hummer from the early '90s. The switch is a 3 way. I like the sound of the pickups as they are. I don't like it when they faze together.

The neck is a Warmoth radius Telecaster neck I picked up in '91.
It's got a light oil finish so it feels real nice, No drag.
And it's aging perfectly.

I play on Ernie Ball 9-42 lights and on the deck action.

I know she doesn't look like much but I love the way she feels and sounds.

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Ry's Photo Blog said...

Wow! You really know your stuff, Dave. All that went right over my head, which goes to show how little I know about guitars. But I can appreciate the passion you put into these guitar projects..and the final results too! AMAZING!!!