Thursday, September 11, 2008

66 Gibson Acoustic

Completed 10.14.07

The damage occurred while on a flight from Hawaii to LA.
Even though it was in a pressurized cabin the wood flex's.
By not detuning the guitar for the trip, the pressure that built up was just too much for the soundboard and it's bracing. The glue was applied in 1966. After 40 years on and off the road, and every city and environment it enters, different humidities affect the wood. Pressurized cabins are notoriously dry, and so the Bracing gave.

My inspection revealed:
Cracks and Loose Bracing vibrate when played.
Tapping top plate reveals loose bracing and dead soundboard.
Crack #1 short crack below bridge runs into pickguard
Crack #2 runs through bridge approx 16 inches long together
My Repair:
8 short and 1 long cleat attached along cracks. Braces reglued.
Bridge Plate reglued. Cracks sealed with finish, partially hidden (customer likes the worn look).

When all the cracks were sealed and the bracing reglued, the sound board leveled out and the tone was back. I strung her up and she sounded beautiful.

The client was extremely pleased and had her on stage that very weekend.

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Nerissa said...

Keep up the good work.